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Pompeii - Uncover Hidden Wonders

Uncover Hidden Wonders of Pompeii with a 2-Hour Private Tour.

Timeless Splendors of Pompeii

Immerse yourself in the wonders of Pompeii with this exclusive and tailored private tour, designed to provide a unique and unforgettable exploration of this ancient Roman city.

Rediscover Pompeii

Exclusive Private Tour with New House Openings. Immerse yourself in this curated tour, carefully designed for returning enthusiasts eager to witness the latest revelations within the ancient city of Pompeii

Unveil the Secrets of the Villa of the Mysteries

Embark on an exclusive 3-hour journey through the marvels of Pompeii with our private tour tailored for discerning visitors. 

Led by an expert guide, this immersive experience delves into the mysteries of Pompeii, highlighting its architectural wonders and culminating in an in-depth exploration of the renowned Villa of the Mysteries.

Explore Fuji Mountain

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Sant Angelo Beach

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Smiling and passionate, Viktoria is ready to lead you on a journey of discovery in Pompeii.

Dedalus by Mitoraj

The bronze giant Dedalus by Mitoraj watches over the ruins of Pompeii. A work that unites past and present, a symbol of the strength of art and memory.

Smiles that light up hidden treasures!

Viktoria, beaming like the sun, poses with an enthusiastic family at the end of the "Uncover Hidden Wonders" tour. Their faces, framed by a contagious excitement, tell the story of an adventure full of discoveries and amazement.

Garden of the House of the Silver Wedding

The House of the Silver Wedding (Casa delle Nozze d'Argento) is a well-preserved Roman domus located in Pompeii, Italy. It was buried by ash and pumice from the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD and was excavated in 1893. The house takes its name from the silver wedding anniversary of King Umberto I and Queen Margherita of Savoy, which occurred that year.

A smile that seals an unforgettable adventure!

Viktoria and her enthusiastic American visitors at the end of the "Timeless Splendors" tour. An experience full of emotions and discoveries that has left an indelible mark on everyone's heart.

Punishment of Ixion

"The Punishment of Ixion" found in the House of the Vettii, an archaeological site in Pompeii. The fresco, dating from 60-79 AD, showcases the Fourth Style of Pompeian painting, known for its intricate details and architectural elements. The fresco narrates the mythological tale of Ixion, a king punished for his audacity. Saved by Jupiter and invited to a feast of the gods, Ixion lusted after Juno, Jupiter's wife. To prevent Ixion's advances, Jupiter created a cloud named Nephele, disguised as Juno. Ixion, fooled, fell in love with the cloud, resulting in the birth of the centaurs. As punishment for his deceit and disrespect, Jupiter condemned Ixion to be eternally bound to a flaming wheel, forever spinning through the heavens.

Tips for an Unforgettable Tour

Elevate your adventure with expert advice and practical tips.

Visiting Pompeii: Essential Tips for Your Trip

Plan your visit to the Pompeii excavations with our practical tips: tickets, opening hours, what to see, how to prepare and more.

Lunch on the Go in Naples: Take-Away Delights for a Day Out

Naples is a foodie paradise, and experiencing its street food is an adventure not to be missed!

Hiking Mount Vesuvius: How to Organize Your Trip and Useful Tips

Climb to the top of Vesuvius and admire breathtaking views, immerse yourself in the history of ancient civilizations and let yourself be conquered by the wild beauty of the Vesuvius National Park.

What to see in Naples in one day: Immerse Yourself in the Beauty and History of the City

Discover the best of Naples in a single day with a classic tour that will take you to the most iconic and evocative places in the city.

Best Naples Tours is your gateway to authentic experiences in Naples and beyond. With our passion-driven team and personalized approach, we offer unforgettable adventures tailored to your interests. Explore the heart of Naples with expert guides, or venture further to discover hidden gems like the Pompeii ruins. Join us for a journey that goes beyond the ordinary, revealing the true essence of Southern Italy

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